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2013 - A Belated Review

2013 - A Belated Review

2013 was an eventful year for us at Zweitag. Fair enough to pull over for a second and look back at what happened. We can report a lot of interesting things, that's for sure. Be it the move into our new office or numerous exciting projects where we have been part of our clients success story. Again, we found out that innovation and success are a perfect match. We are looking forward to 2014!

A big internal milestone last year was the move into our new office. As the move itself went smoothly, we could concentrate on setting up our new space to use it more efficiently than ever. The new setup supports our overall goal to achieve more streamlined processes and to foster productivity, which finally helps us to maximize our clients success.

New Building, lots of opportunities

A bright open working space builds the heart of our collaborative working atmosphere and is located right in the middle of the office. Additionally we have four different project-offices, which enable quick and easy collaboration within our projects as a closed team. Yet we are still able to utilize the dynamics of the team as a whole because the project-offices are right next to each other, separated only by glass-walls. For effective meetings, our new office provides us with two separate conference-rooms: our main room for big meetings and a smaller one for telepresence activities to maintain close contact with our clients even if we’re not directly on-site.

Banking, Wheel Loaders, Spices and Energy Drinks

Looking back at our projects, 2013 has been very versatile and exciting. We launched several innovative products and worked with very interesting companies. To give you a small impression we’d like to tell you about some of them.One of these impressions revolves around our client PFREUNDT. They established themselves as a major supplier and producer of mobile weighing systems, which are of great importance in the disposal and recycling industry for example. We helped PFREUNDT to update their operating weighing system with a cloud based application. The existing data was successfully synced into our custom built application, and since then the data has been continuously flowing and syncing; an important step towards efficiency for PFREUNDT. We also partnered in the development of Reputami, an online tool which is centered around online evaluations of companies (e.g. restaurants). Reputami aggregates what is being said about your company online from different sources and measures its overall reputation. Which gives the owner the chance to enhance it by active monitoring and engagement. Besides these three showcases, that are nicely representing the variety of development tasks at Zweitag, we also worked on big projects, partnering with edenspiekermann on several projects for Red Bull, as well as the ongoing cooperating with Fuchs Gewürze, the industry leader in spice manufacturing.

Knowledge is key

Keeping up with technological developments and exchanging thoughts in the community has become a big part of our company’s philosophy. Therefore visiting conferences is an important task for everyone in the team. It strongly influences our expertise in the field of Ruby and of course motivates and inspires us enormously to always push our own boundaries. A big part of our team visited Railsberry in Krakow, Poland. There, Thomas Hollstegge held a talk about how he found of a security leak in Rails – a story that found quite some attention in the community and media at the time. Some of Team-Zweitag also visited BaRuCo in Barcelona, Spain, and we are definitely planning on going there again this year.


Of course we also had a very nice housewarming party in our new office with our team, their spouses and children, clients, and project partners. Although it was already the end of October, it felt like a late summerfest. Thank you all again for joining us, and making it a great night for everyone!

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