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Avoid these 3 mistakes if you want to innovate with sprints

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  • Christoph Schulte
    Christoph Schulte

Do you want to be quick? You sprint. Do you want to be innovative? You sprint. Do you want to develop digital products? You sprint. There are few terms that are so closely associated with the digital and innovation area as the sprint. Innovation is not a sprint at all.

Everyone who works in the digital sector knows it: the sprint. It comes in a wide variety of forms:

  • in the classic SCRUM form,
  • as a design sprint,
  • as an innovation sprint or
  • as a brand sprint.

It's not just a chameleon in character. The duration is also maximally flexible, from 2 hours to 12 weeks. So what's the problem with the sprint?

“Sprints” are often misunderstood. The term alone ultimately suggests pure speed. And what do innovation units need more than speed? When we talk about digitization, we constantly have the feeling that we are late and that we are losing in the race against the competition. However, one thing is easy to overlook.

The development of digital products, services or ventures is not a sprint. It's a marathon. So if you want a functional product at the end of your work (I don't include clickdummies or pitch decks), you should avoid these three mistakes:

# 1 You want to "sprint" to get speed...

Sprints are processes with a manageable and time-limited duration. The advantage is that you can iterate quickly - not finish quickly. The central value proposition is not to waste time on errors that are only discovered late in the process, and thus to use the available time effectively and efficiently. After all, with every complex project, at some point in the process, challenges arise that you weren't aware of before.

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