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Dr. Schär – schaer.com

How can products be successfully presented online in over 30 languages and countries?


We worked together with Dr. Schär to fully redesign the schaer.com product site and to restructure and revise the information presented there.


  • Implementation of a collaborative, iterative design process
  • Development of a design focused on usability and UX
  • Responsive web design
  • On-page search engine optimization

Iterative design process for schaer.com

„User-centered design means understanding what your users need, how they think, and how they behave—and incorporating that understanding into every aspect of your process.“

Jesse James Garrett

To achieve that, we closely involved the Dr. Schär employees in the process, which was iterative and designed according to agile principles.
There were four main areas of focus:

  • Empathize: Structured procurement of information to understand the problem area
  • Define: Identification and comprehension of the main challenge
  • Ideate: Development and selection of solutions
  • Prototype: Iterative implementation of the solutions
In Zweitag’s design process, our customers and our team first gain a thorough understanding of the problem so that we can begin creating targeted solutions.

Analysis and concept

We first looked at the status quo in order to understand the challenges and problems presented by the current website. This was based on interviews carried out by Dr. Schär, data from market research, analysis tools, and customer feedback.
Simultaneously, the product communication and product design were reworked. The iterative process allowed us to take these changes fully into account in our work.

Iterations of the design: From the rough sketch of the contents to a clickable prototype for visual development.

Prototype phase

After we had a thorough understanding of the situation and had developed promising ideas and designs for schaer.com, we worked together with Schär to implement the prototypes. This made it possible to experience the site live from an early stage on and to get a good feeling for the final product. This resulted in very high-quality feedback.

The prototypes were regularly updated and available online for the Schär team at any time (but protected from prying eyes).

Responsive web design

A website can hardly afford not to be optimized for “all” devices these days. The greatest volume of traffic on many consumer websites comes from mobile devices, and this volume is often underestimated in the world of B2B.

Responsive web design (RwD) ist ein Ansatz, der es erlaubt, eine Webseite für verschiedenste Bildschirmgrößen zu optimieren – und das auf Basis einer einzigen Webseite.

Over 30 languages and countries

Multi-lingual and multi-market always present challenges. The over 30 languages and countries in which schaer.com is used are no exception.

For us, that meant that we needed to take into account widely varying cultural requirements, expectations, and technical factors during the concept and design phases.

Typography also played an important role.

Dr. Schär

„We improve the lives of people with special nutritional needs.“

The Dr. Schär group has its head office in Burgstall (South Tyrol, Italy), subsidiaries and production facilities in Germany, the USA, England and Spain, and its own research and development department in the Area Science Park in Trieste.

It was founded in 1981 and now has over 1.000 employees.

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