An extensive worldwide hotel database in a modern web application

The challenge

TOPHOTELPROJECTS manages information about hotel projects and chains around the world. The existing application and the associated backend system, as well as the underlying architecture were to be completely redesigned and developed in order to meet quality requirements and sustainably support the company's growth strategy.

What we did

  • Replacement of the heterogeneous system landscape

  • future-oriented architecture

  • redesign with a focus on a high degree of usability

  • an innovative search function based on Elasticsearch

Replacement of the old system

Zweitag was responsible for the complete and successful replacement of the old system and the development of a new, integrated platform based on modern and flexible web technologies, as well as a visual and functional reworking of the user interface.

Solution and Implementation

  • best-in-class data management

  • innovative expert search function

  • modern design

  • intuitive operability

Tophotelprojects Interface Mobile
Tophotelprojects Interface Desktop

Easy and efficient access to 10,000 records

In order to enable a high degree of usability, large parts of the application have been kept dynamic. Thus data is reloaded or saved asynchronously.
With regard to the technology, we selected AngularJS for this purpose.

The platform is used by a wide range of companies, for each of whom different construction phases and criteria are relevant. A personalized search function is therefore needed.

We designed the search function in such a way that the user can easily and quickly drill way down into the data volumes using a wide array of search criteria and filters—without dealing with ponderous classic expert search templates with large input forms. The customized search bar with expandable criteria is always accessible to the user as a powerful tool.
In terms of the technical implementation, the search function uses Elasticsearch based on Lucene.

Tophotelprojects Search Interface

Complex data structure, well organized

In addition to the display of the hotel chains and the associated hotels, the contact persons in various areas of hotel projects and hotel chains are of particular interest to the users. Contact persons include the companies involved as architects, for example, or the construction companies and their employees with extensive contact options—including LinkedIn profiles.

A data structure of this kind must be prepared for the user such that it is well structured and efficient.

Interactive maps

In order to also provide a geographical overview of the projects (hotels and hotel chains), various interactive map displays are used within the platform.

These overviews support the user in his/her work and provide a good visual overview of the data.

When searching for the right construction projects, searching within the correct continents, regions, countries or cities plays an important role. By visualizing all projects within interactive maps, the application supports the user in his/her research.

Thus for example, projects found within the search are displayed in a map that initially groups projects by region. If you navigate to a cluster within the map, the projects are broken down further. At the same time, concrete project details can be called up directly in the map at any time.

Customer Relationship Management

In order to support sales and customer relationship management (CRM), a tailor-made customer management and customer feedback system has been integrated directly into the platform.

  • Customer lifecycle management: Semi-automated customer classification, capture of all customer interactions, management of tasks and responsibilities

  • License and contact management: Flexible license management (customization of standard packages), management of demo access, access restriction at the data level

  • Customer feedback and analytics: Support function in the event of user questions, evaluation of data quality, evaluation of application-specific key figures


Used technologies

  • RubyRubyRubyRuby
  • RailsRails
  • AngularJSAngularJS
  • elasticsearchelasticsearch
  • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL
  • DockerDocker

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