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Turn your business idea into a start-up

Zweitag helps Corporates to transform business ideas into self-sustaining start-ups. What enables us to do this are 13 years of experience in digital product development both together with corporations and large medium-sized companies as well as with start-ups. In Zweitag Ventures founders raise new companies together with us.

There are many good innovation consultancies that can help you create digitalization units, generate ideas and develop concepts. As a specialist for digital product development it becomes exciting for us as soon as concrete ideas are on the table. Our customers appreciate us as a partner who quickly pushes the concepts towards realization. Because practice shows us that the most valuable insights come from actual activity on the market. Organizational structures can still be designed even after you have gained initial practical experience with a pilot project.

Motives for cooperation with Corporate Ventures

  • place a business idea in the hands of a team of founders who are fully focused on the idea.

  • create a "speedboat" that is much more agile than the "tanker" on which it was built

  • make sure that there is no blind spot that could cause the project to fail

  • bring in expertise and active support in digital business, product development, technical, design and marketing

  • benefit from recruiting best practices and successively build up know-how internally

  • consistently pick up speed with the project and concretize it step by step

Spin-off is a question of timing

More and more corporations are creating "green field" innovation units in which new business ideas are developed outside the usual control structures. This can help to institutionalize the innovation process and train change ambassadors. However, we have observed time and again that product ideas are brooded over too long in theory and business ideas rarely make it to market. It is also crucial to find a team of founders at the right time who are fully committed to driving the start-up forward. This is the only way to create a successful corporate start-up.

We provide a proven framework for action, according to which effort and results are kept in balance at each stage. We form a common picture of how the product vision is received by the target group, establish hypotheses for the business model and validate these through early testing. In doing so, we compare e.g. different value propositions and pricing strategies.

Our experts will then work with you to design your product, convert it into a marketable prototype and develop your company's brand. If the idea ignites, we will accompany you in the founding and staffing of the venture. We support you during the market launch and take pleasure in successively transferring competencies to the new team.


Service Components Corporate Ventures

  • Web Applications

  • Mobile Apps

  • Enterprise & System Integration

  • Project Management

  • Architecture consulting

  • Business Model Development

  • Lean Startup

  • Product Strategy

  • Design Thinking

  • Requirements analysis

  • Brand Design

  • User Interface Design

  • User Experience

  • Usability & Conversion Optimization

  • Prototyping

  • Infrastructure Development

  • Operation & Hosting (OpsCare)

  • Software Maintenance (AppCare)

  • Security Audit

  • Internet of Things

  • Performance Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Community Management


  • Roadmap to spin-off

    We develop a roadmap that leads us step by step to the new company in the market-or, true to the motto "fail fast, fail cheap", to an early termination.

  • Validated business model

    By testing the central assumptions behind your business model, we find out whether we are on the right track even before market entry.

  • Marketable prototype

    As a first milestone in implementation, we build the smallest product that can survive on the market with minimal effort. This allows you to validate your sales and learn from real customer feedback.

  • Strong brand and inspiring user experience

    Whether B2C or B2B, trust comes from strong brands. We design an appearance that promises a lot and a user experience that delivers on its promises.

  • Targeted market launch

    We develop the market launch strategy with you and implement it via social media and advertising campaigns. We enable or support your team in community management and support.

  • Strategic support for the founding team

    As a sparring partner, we support you in strategic issues, set up KPIs to measure success and share our experience in start-up financing, organizational structures, recruiting and HR.

Andre Stracke

Zweitag not only understood our problem, they also developed a scalable digital product, called pxls, which extends our core business. The team has proven that they are able to efficiently develop custom solutions with a higher return on investment than off-the-shelf products.

André Stracke Head of Service Stations Westfalen AG
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