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Digitization of business processes

We digitalize your individual business processes with customized software solutions.

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Create intelligent solutions for your individual application

We see it as our core competence to find well thought-out solutions for individual problems of our customers. We support companies in recognizing the potential for intelligent digital mapping of business processes and in integrating them into existing processes and systems in a customized manner and without frictional losses. Our references range from intelligently networked dashboards, intranet portals and IoT platforms to custom merchandise management systems.

Motives for the digitalization of business processes

Gain competitive advantage from processes that stand out from the standard

Digitally map internal company services with individual requirements

Avoid recurring license and customizing costs through own software

Create your own cloud or microservice landscape

Purchasing know-how from outside and successively building it up internally

Making IT a driver of innovation

Agile development with cross-functional teams and state-of-the-art technologies

We rely on agile software development to be able to react flexibly to changing requirements. Despite the flexibility, there is a need for effective cost control. Therefore, we have developed methods that allow us to make commitments to development costs in agile development. Our teams are able to take on this responsibility because they understand the domain, recognize challenges themselves, and overlook solutions and possible pitfalls.

We do not appear as pure software developers with a focus on implementation. We accompany and empower our customers along the entire process and work together on an equal footing. We provide a well-rehearsed team of professionals for a broad spectrum of different special fields from design and architecture to infrastructure and security. All of them are united by the drive to use the best tools and technologies to build high-quality software that does justice to the dynamics of the real world.


Service Components Digitization of business processes

Architecture Consulting
Project Management
Enterprise & System Integration
Mobile Apps
Web Applications
Requirements Analysis
User Experience
Usability & Conversion Optimization
User Interface Design
Internet of Things
Security Audit
Technical Analysis & Due Diligence
Software Maintenance (AppCare)
Operation & Hosting (OpsCare)
Infrastructure Development


Operationalized concept

Auf Basis der Anforderungsanalyse bringen wir nicht nur smarte Lösungsideen – wir operationalisieren sie auch soweit, dass mit ihnen direkt eine agile Entwicklungsiteration gestartet werden kann.

Reliable project management

You will be assigned a project manager who will ensure smooth progress and provide you with continuous budget transparency to keep you in control.

Proven quality processes

We bring along development and quality processes that we have fine-tuned in over 100 projects. Our teams are self-directed and efficient. Each feature passes through 6 quality gates.

Cost-efficient modular system

Just as commodity parts and cross-model components are used in automobile production, we rely on free open source modules and components shared among two-day customers.

Inspiring User Experience

Our individual software is based on UI standards with which we can efficiently achieve a very good usability. Well thought-out processes and a high level of usability save time and increase user motivation.

Ownership of software without license costs

You invest in an asset that belongs to you and can be activated in the balance sheet. Since there are no license costs, custom development is sometimes the cheaper alternative to standard software.

Sustainability and partnership are very important to us in the cooperation with our customers. Therefore, we provide clean solutions that can be further developed in a sustainable and cost-efficient way. In addition, we enable you to sit in the driver's seat of development and are happy to gradually transfer competencies to your team as you build up your know-how.

„Dank der Digitalisierung unserer Vertriebsprozesse können wir unsere Aufträge ohne zeitliche Verzögerung abwickeln. Änderungen werden live aktualisiert und alle Beteiligten behalten zu jeder Zeit den Überblick.“

Alexandros Iordanidis

Kaufmännische Leitung farmsaat AG

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