Software development in Münster

Our office is located in the heart of Münster at the Alter Fischmarkt. This is where we develop strategies and software for regional, national, and international customers.

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Office at the Alter Fischmarkt in Münster
Open space in the office

Ideal work atmosphere

Strategy and software development requires both the possibility to work with concentration, and the chance to exchange ideas with colleagues.

Our office provides a calm, collegial environment that allows both uninterrupted work and open communication.

Münster — working in the most livable city in the world

Münster, in the heart of the region of Münster, is a lively city. It is influenced by the science and research at the WWU Münster, the university students, as well as a strong economy.

Live in Münster

Münster has a great deal to offer: extensive cultural and recreational opportunities (for more than just cyclists); a lively restaurant, cafe, and bar scene; and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the nightlife.

In the fantastic video series „Münster Above” by MS4l, you can see our office in the background starting at minute 2:48 😊

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Whether you were born in Münster or just moved here, there are always exciting new places to discover. Our team reveals a few of it’s favorite spots in Münster.
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