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Break free of outdated ways of thinking and become a part of the Zweitag team!

Initiative trumps hierarchy

We believe that every single person has a contribution to make. That’s why we work in self-organized teams and offer the freedom to design and try things out. A friendly, uncomplicated collaboration mode provides team spirit and lays the foundation for outstanding personal development.
Joint workshops
Family ties
Group events
Cooking together
Discuss together

We work strategically, creatively, and according to agile principles

We’re looking for people with talent and passion. Support our project teams of specialists and generalists with the following competencies.
  • Strategy

    Develop strategies for successful products

  • Design

    Create strong brands and outstanding user experiences

  • Frontend

    Develop frontends that people enjoy using

  • Software

    Write software that stands out

  • Infrastructure

    Develop innovative infrastructure solutions

Notice: At Zweitag, we communicate in German. Properly integrating English-speaking employees would require us to entirely change our company communication. But we like to speak our native language, and most of our customers speak German with us. For that reason, you need to either speak German or learn it in order to work with us; otherwise, we unfortunately cannot offer you the right environment.

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