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With a powerful team, we facilitate the digital transformation.
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Understand technology. Enable innovation.

The digital transformation in all its facets along with all its implications and underlaying factors is an essential part of our everyday life at Zweitag. We enable our clients to play an active role in technology-driven change stay successful in a rapidly changing world.

Our Services

We develop innovative and high-quality information systems, design intuitive and useful applications and integrate these in complex system environments.

Our Services

Analysis & Conception

We develop applications from ideas. We also advise you concerning the strategic orientation of your IT. Instead of going overboard with detail plans, we draft lean concepts that enable a quick implementation and lead to concrete results.

Software Design & Development

An agile development process as well as modern, proven technologies facilitate short feedback cycles and quick results. We ensure high quality through the use of the right tools and the application of established processes.

Operations & Support

A successful application is a living system. It therefore requires continuous further development and must be operated on a stable and secure foundation with options for expansion.

We combine the best of two worlds

Flexibility and pragmatism meet experience and methodological competence – Zweitag combines the best of startup and enterprise worlds. On the right technological footing, you can respond quickly to external influences and create the optimal starting position for innovative action.

We combine the best of two worlds


Larger enterprises that have been in the market for a long time haveat least one thing: a functioning business model. But the best and most successful business models. But the best and most successful business model must prevail in competition anew each day, with constantly changing framework conditions, particularly in the area of technology. Professional businesses strive for streamlining and increasing efficiency for many reasons, while they often come across processes and IT environments that are hard to oversee and that have grown historically. Plans fail, large IT projects are unsuccessful.


From the idea to success. Such is the vision of many startups that profit tremendously from their flexibility and pragmatic procedures in the implementation of their ideas. Very small teams work here with commitment, dedication and at high speed. Especially in the initial phase of a startup, the application of the right methods and technologies secures the relevance of the created product and sets the foundation stone for success. Obstacles because of bureaucratic processes or outdated IT systems? Not applicable. With increasing staff numbers and rising sales however, also the technical and organizational challenges become greater. The step from the flexible startup to a solid enterprise therefore only succeeds with structures and processes that already characterize many grown companies and make them successful.

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