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We realize your digital business idea and test the potential on the market with the help of a Minimum Viable Product.

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We realize your digital business idea and test the potential on the market with the help of a Minimum Viable Product.

In MVP development, we implement your business idea with minimal budget. This service is specially tailored for digital and start-up teams who want to get feedback from real customers in the shortest possible time.

We understand the development of a minimum viable product to be more than a simple landing page for generating leads. It is important to us that MVPs solve the problems of your target group and create real added value. Ideally, we can already create a "wow-effect" with a central feature.

Motives for MVP development with Zweitag

  • after the testing of hypotheses test the real product on the real market

  • go to the market in the shortest possible time

  • create a technically mature basis with the MVP that can be expanded in the long term

  • make first sales with a small, but valuable product

MVP development in a lean, agile process

We live agile software development. Instead of a rigid sequence from planning to implementation to testing, we rely on short cycles. Thus, the software is created piece by piece in two-week iterations of planning, implementation and testing, called "sprints". Before starting a sprint, we discuss the contents of the next sprint together. There, your feedback from the previous sprint and any new considerations will be incorporated. Thus you are always in the driver's seat of product development.

The cooperation starts with a joint kick-off workshop. In this way we create a common understanding of your business model and vision and derive the requirements for the digital product. This marks the start of the project into the first planning and implementation sprint.

Services: MVP Development

Service Components MVP Development

  • Web Applications

  • Mobile Apps

  • Project Management

  • Business Model Development

  • Lean Startup

  • Product Strategy

  • Requirements analysis

  • Brand Design

  • User Interface Design

  • User Experience

  • Operation & Hosting (OpsCare)

  • Performance Marketing


  • Market entry

    They are on the market with a **precisely fitting, technically developed **Minimum Viable Product.

  • Validation

    You can test the added value for your target group and measure important key figures like customer acquisition cost.

  • Genuine feedback

    Your first customers give you feedback from actual use. This is crucial for prioritizing the following tasks.

  • First sales

    Ideally, you will generate sales with your first customers and gain insights into building a growth engine.

An honest and cooperative partnership with our customers is very important to us. Therefore we maintain a transparent approach to progress and results. Our approach gives you the opportunity to make important decisions during the ongoing development process, so that your MVP looks like you need it in the end.

Testimonials: Marvin Homburg

With Evermood we offer employees the best possible support for all their concerns so that they can develop their full potential. Zweitag supports our vision from the beginning and is an important sparring partner at all times. We appreciate the combination of experience in the enterprise environment, agile start-up thinking and impressive implementation speed.

Marvin Homburg CEO & Co-Founder Evermood GmbH
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