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farmsaat AG

Digitalisation of paper-based direct sales


Digitalisation does not necessarily go hand in hand with disruption. In farmsaat AG's paper-based sales process using a catalogue and order form, the direct customer contact on site is an essential part of the sales model. This process is to be maintained and supported by an offline-capable app for tablets and smartphones.


  • Sync service for asynchronous data transmission
  • Country-specific currencies, languages and input forms
  • Agile development with continuous user feedback
  • Intuitive interface adapted to the user

This is what we have achieved


Lead time for order processing


Error rate compared to handwritten data entry


Synchronization of orders

Support for existing sales process

Zweitag developed an app concept that supports the paper-based direct sales of the sales representatives at Farmsaat. The app is called farmpartner. Filling out order forms by hand opened up potential for errors and sending them by post caused long processing paths. Direct processes and central data management create added value for clients, employees and customers.



The sales processes of farmsaat AG are completely paper-based. Orders are received directly at the customer's premises using a product catalogue and order form. Sometimes several days pass before the order is entered into the ERP system.



With the help of an offline-capable app for tablet and smartphone, the previous processes can be digitally supported and the time from order creation to processing in the ERP can be drastically reduced.


Added Value

Orders can be processed directly so that the sales department has an up-to-date overview of all orders at all times. Customers, farmpartner, regional managers and sales department receive direct feedback aboud placed orders.

Co-creation and user-centricity

To prevent the creation of a product that bypasses the needs of the users, we encouraged exchange with the users. A common goal picture was developed step by step in workshops and meetings.

Efficiency is very important to us. In order to avoid wasting time and money, we first designed an overarching information architecture at an abstract level. Once this was finalized in consultation with farmsaat AG, we then developed user flows, a click dummy and, in the last step, the concrete user interface.

Klick-Dummy mit User Flows
„Thanks to the digitalisation of our sales processes we can process our orders without any time delay. Changes are updated live so everyone involved has an overview at all times.“

Alexandros Iordanidis

Head of Fulfillment and Digitalization farmsaat AG

Continuous improvement

All stakeholders involved were able to follow the iterative development of the features on their devices and could test them independently. All interim releases were made available via Testflight for iOS and Play Store Developer Console for Android. This meant that realistic feedback could be obtained quickly and implemented in a meaningful way.

When the app reached MVP status the circle of users was expanded. All People of farm partners had access to the app and were able to test it extensively. This test phase served to eliminate bugs and inconsistencies before the final release.

Delivery for Android and iOS

React Native allows us to develop for iOS and Android in parallel due to the same code base. While a large part of the UI was delivered identically for both platforms, platform-specific elements could also be implemented without much effort. These were native elements, which had a positive effect on performance.

Following the development for iPad and Android tablet we adapted the app so that it can also be optimally displayed on smartphones.

The app can be downloaded from AppStore and Google Playstore.

Offline first

As farmpartner is often travelling in rural areas with poor mobile phone networks, a request was to place orders in areas and locations with no gsm or wifi network. Catalogue and order data are synchronised and stored initially. Orders are temporarily stored when the network is down and sent when the connection is restored. These orders are forwarded via a sync server and received again after processing in the head office. A unique assignment prevents duplicate orders from appearing in the data.

Technologies used

React Native

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