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Service and business model innovations

We help you develop digital business models that work.

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Building business models in a structured way instead of wasting resources

Your company has been successful in the market for many years and would like to develop digital solutions. You have gained a lot of experience with existing solutions from past projects, but developing new, digital business models is new to you. Your competitors are already active in the market with digital solutions and you would like to become active as well. You are concerned with questions such as: What is the best way to proceed? How do you find out which business idea really has potential? How do I make sure I invest resources wisely instead of burning them? That's how many companies feel.

The experts in your company know the market and what drives your customers. We form a team of experts from your company and Zweitag. Together, we develop digital business models that really work.

Motives for service and business model innovation

Develop new business models that really work

Checking business ideas for success before implementation

Identify willingness to pay and price points of products

Invest only in the business idea with the most potential

Your business idea is continuously developed by customer feedback

We combine your industry and digital knowledge to develop new business models. In workshops, we define the goals you are pursuing with the new business model and develop different business ideas. In order to leave the hypothetical space, we talk to your target customers early in the course of a user research and put the business idea to the test. That way, we know early on whether we are on the right track.

We build different variations of your business idea in the form of prototypes and test it in different ways, e.g. qualitatively through interviews or quantitatively through landing pages. We call it experimenting. Only then will we develop a market entry strategy and introduce your business idea to the market with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Service Components Digitization of business processes

Design Thinking
Lean Startup
Business Model Development


Verified business model

By testing the key assumptions behind your business model, we can determine whether we are on the righttrack beforeentering the market.

Increased probability of success

By reviewing and continuously adjusting your business idea in a structured way, you increase the probability ofsuccess ofyour business idea.

Common goal

Your team is clear from the outset why they should develop a new business model and what goals they want to pursue.

Deep customer understanding

Good products solve real customer problems. Together withthe experts from your company, we identify the biggest Pains & Gains of your target group.

Market launch

An effective go-to-market strategy involves social media and advertising campaigns. Based on user research, they develop validated customer journeys and set up online marketing.

Jonas Wissing
„Zweitag supports us in our transformation from hardware manufacturer to digital product provider. As a company, we need to realign ourselves and become more agile. We find the collaboration with Zweitag very refreshing and productive. Critical questions about entrenched structures are also asked at eye level and we have the opportunity to position ourselves for digital business models. We are taking the successes of the past with us into a digital future.“

Jonas Wissing

Managing Director, Pfreundt GmbH

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