Services by Zweitag

Zweitag offers a wide range of software development services, such as Ruby on Rails development, consulting, workshops and more

Our customers benefit from working with us

Web Development

We help customers to develop technical solutions and build software architectures and platforms that communicate with legacy applications in an agile approach using agile technologies. We build tools individually to ensure they are suitable for your given problem. Our solutions are cutting edge and we care about Fast Webapps.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is our most important tool. Almost 80% of our work is done with this development framework based on the Ruby programming language. It enables us to develop web apps fast and reliably, while providing reusable components and outstanding quality. Using JRuby enables us to deploy in Java environments such as enterprise intranets.


Usability and design are critical for successful applications. Together with our partners at edenspiekermann we put a great deal of work into this aspect. We assist in the designing of cutting edge front ends and user workflows, and test them with focus groups continuously.

Enterprise Integration

The integration of applications is very important in intranet scenarios. We offer legacy, enterprise and ERP integration (IBM iSeries AS/400, JEE/SOA/EAI and SAP).

Rapid Prototyping

We build our business using lean processes. We love and live by the Lean Startup paradigm. We use this approach in software development and help you to think the same way.


We help companies and start-ups to develop technical solutions. We also accompany companies on their way to introducing modern technologies and to restructure business processes.

Coaching & Workshops

We share our knowledge and train your employees in software development with modern technologies. We also team up with your developers ( Pair Programming ) and coach them one-on-one.

Data Mining & Big Data

Lots of use cases in business deal with historical and real-time data. We develop applications to collect, store, transform and query large amounts of data and we lead the way to business intelligence and data warehousing.

E-Commerce Solutions

We rely on Spree Commerce and build e-commerce platforms using this powerful toolset.

Geo Apps

Geodata plays an important role in the mobile world e.g. location-based services. We build spatial databases with geo calculations and querying. With our partners at Toursprung we are able to provide complex mapping solutions.


Modern, successful web applications are optimized for mobile clients, client- and server-side performance and search engines. We help you to improve usability for your human users and to optimize your mark-up on-site for search engine crawlers.

Web App Maintenance

Scalable web applications are based on solid foundations. We help you to set up (virtualization, automation with Chef), maintain (e.g. monitoring) and scale your application stack.


  • We help you to innovate your technology stack
  • We optimize your apps to be fast and responsive
  • We help you to think in an agile manner and act in a lean way
  • We help you to speed up software development and to reduce the time-to-market for your projects
  • We help you to reduce costs, because we are very productive and fast
  • We help you to improve your employees’ productivity by developing usable tools