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App Development

We build digital companies that contribute to the strategic goal of your company group.

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Turn your business idea into a start-up

Zweitag helps Corporates to transform business ideas into self-sustaining start-ups. What enables us to do this are 13 years of experience in digital product development both together with corporations and large medium-sized companies as well as with start-ups. In Zweitag Ventures founders raise new companies together with us.

There are many good innovation consultancies that can help you create digitalization units, generate ideas and develop concepts. As a specialist for digital product development it becomes exciting for us as soon as concrete ideas are on the table. Our customers appreciate us as a partner who quickly pushes the concepts towards realization. Because practice shows us that the most valuable insights come from actual activity on the market. Organizational structures can still be designed even after you have gained initial practical experience with a pilot project.

Motives for application development with Zweitag

open up new sources of revenue and acquire new customers

offer services anywhere and at any time

stay one step ahead of the competition

driving digitization and agility in the company

create added value that inspires customers

adapt to changing needs and preferences of consumers

Customized app development for any mobile platform

We develop apps for B2C and B2B businesses of any complexity that can adapt to a rapidly growing user base and changing requirements. From strategy to design, development, go-live and maintenance, our 50-person team supports you in all aspects.

To achieve a fast time-to-market, eliminate unnecessary efforts and ensure high quality, we rely on established and proven process.

We start with the strategy phase, where requirements and features are defined, as well as goals, metrics and technology. The design phase focuses on UX and UI design in addition to visuals. Features are prototyped and validated in the form of click dummies before implementation. This is followed by the technical app development with subsequent test phase and, at the end, the go-live including technical support.We accompany you through the entire phase of the project.Wir begleiten Sie durch die gesamte Phase des Projekts.

This is what makes our services, what our customers appreciate and what our team enjoys. It doesn't matter to us what kind of app it is. We are your contact when it comes to Native Apps, (Progressive) Web Apps, Hybrid App or Cross Platform Frameworks.


Service Components App Development

Architecture Consulting
Project Management
Mobile Apps
Web Applications
Requirements Analysis
Design Thinking
Product Strategy
Business Model Development
User Experience
User Interface Design
Brand Design
Internet of Things
Software Maintenance (AppCare)
Operation & Hosting (OpsCare)
Infrastructure Development
Community Management
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Performance Marketing


Roadmap to spin-off

We develop a roadmap that leads us step by step to the new company in the market-or, true to the motto "fail fast, fail cheap", to an early termination.

Validated business model

By testing the central assumptions behind your business model, we find out whether we are on the right track even before market entry.

Marketable prototype

As a first milestone in implementation, we build the smallest product that can survive on the market with minimal effort. This allows you to validate your sales and learn from real customer feedback.

Strong brand and inspiring user experience

Whether B2C or B2B, trust comes from strong brands. We design an appearance that promises a lot and a user experience that delivers on its promises.

Targeted market launch

We develop the market launch strategy with you and implement it via social media and advertising campaigns. We enable or support your team in community management and support.

Strategic support for the founding team

As a sparring partner, we support you in strategic issues, set up KPIs to measure success and share our experience in start-up financing, organizational structures, recruiting and HR.

“I am delighted that we have the perfect partner for fillibri in Zweitag. The agile and uncomplicated collaboration was always extremely fun, from the first brainstorming session to the product launch. ”

Marc Weßling

Start-up Coordinator Westfalen AG

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