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A platform for processing weighing data from construction and loading vehicles

The challenge

We have created an IoT customer portal in cooperation with PFREUNDT, a leading provider of mobile weighing systems in the world market of the mining, waste-disposal and recycling industries. The platform synchronizes data from construction and loading vehicles in a client-capable web portal that offers a wide range of processing and reporting features.

What we did

  • Successful operation since 2013
  • Modern interfaces
  • Complex offline synchronization with conflict resolution
  • Integration of old weighing instruments
  • Client-specific on-premise installations

A central hub for weighing data

PFREUNDT scales can be retrofitted in excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks, etc., for example, to generate a digital delivery note from the driver's cab when loading bulk material in a gravel pit. The drivers and the scales can generate order data which is synchronized with the cloud platform that we've developed.

PFREUNDT's business customers can use the multi-client capable web platform to analyze the weighing data, process it further and then, for example, export it to accounting.


The complete overview


An agile project and sustainable cooperation

The initial version of the PFREUNDT Web Portal was developed in an agile process in four two-week iterations. PFREUNDT has worked closely with our team to launch an viable end-to-end solution in minimum time.

With the help of our pilot customers, we were able to expand the platform in a targeted manner through short feedback cycles

Continuous development

The PFREUNDT Web Portal has now been continuously developed and maintained since 2013. Through the everyday use of data, PFREUNDT has created a customer portal which serves as a central hub for customers.

Individual interfaces for scales and ERP systems

We have designed tailor-made interfaces to ensure efficient communication between weighing data and the web portal.

We have also created customizable interfaces for client-specific integration into existing customer ERP landscapes.

A particular challenge during the implementation was preventing conflicts when manipulating data on distributed systems.

Uniform interfaces

Modern machine-to-machine communication

From a technical point of view, we have primarily relied on modern REST APIs with JSON as the exchange format for the interfaces. But we also overcame the hurdle of fixed legacy interfaces (such as CSV over FTP ) with deviating data models.


PFREUNDT GmbH is one of the world's leading suppliers of mobile weighing systems and is headquartered in Südlohn, in the Münsterland region of Germany. The globally operating company has sold more than 40,000 weighing systems over the last 40 years.

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