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Analysis & Concept ↓

We develop applications from ideas. We also advise you concerning the strategic orientation of your IT. Instead of going overboard with detail plans, we draft lean concepts that enable a quick implementation and lead to concrete results.

Software Design & Development ↓

An agile development process as well as modern, proven technologies facilitate short feedback cycles and quick results. We ensure high quality through the use of the right tools and the application of established processes.

Operations & Support ↓

A successful application is a living system. It therefore requires continuous further development and must be operated on a stable and secure foundation with options for expansion.

Analysis & Concept

“Software is eating the world” – Marc Andreessen, Co-Founder Netscape and Venture Capital Firm Andreessen Horowitz, has it completely right. There is hardly any company today that can do without software. Software has changed and revolutionized established industries and opens the door to tapping potentials that have thus far been unconceived. At the same time, software presents new challenges to companies. Software projects frequently take a long time and do not always lead to the desired results.

But there is also a different way. A sustainable software concept is the foundation for a successful development. The use of established, agile development processes as well as the choice of the right technologies enable us to achieve high-quality results.


IT Strategy

Innovative novelties require a solid and future-oriented foundation on which they can grow and flourish. The implementation of new ideas at established enterprises however is often made more difficult for monolithic, grown system and application environments. We support you in the strategic evaluation and orientation of your IT and show you ways to integrate new applications and modernize existing legacy architectures.


Requirements Analysis

You are the expert in your domain, we help you in the design of your product vision leading up to a reusable requirements concept. In the process, we contribute our comprehensive project experience and can quickly find the intellectual access to your specific processes, to develop a shared product understanding and derive functional and technical requirements. This basis allows devising a suitable roadmap in the next step and then enables the implementation of an executable prototype.


Roadmap Development

At Zweitag there are no voluminous elaborations. We transfer your requirements to a rough application design and succinctly and concisely describe the target situation. For us, the further detailing is a part of the agile development and tightly linked to a consistent, structured feedback process. In consequence, results are relevant and the time-to-market is quick. At the same time, we maintain flexibility to be able to appropriately respond to external influences and changing framework conditions.


IT Architecture Design

A reliable, future-oriented project is always based on a modular, expandable architecture. We develop the matching application architecture for your idea, for which we frequently set small, self-contained modules at center stage ("do one thing and do it well"). Through open interfaces, we prevent the development of monolithic, hard to maintain components and thereby the creation of lock-in effects.

Software Design & Development

Software development at Zweitag is characterized by agility, individuality and quality. Our conceptualization phase meanwhile is kept deliberately lean. We start early with the implementation and quickly create concrete results. This does not mean that we neglect the detailed application conceptualization. Rather, we simply carry it out at the right point in the process. During the development phase, application design, implementation and delivery are tightly linked to each other. Based on a shared product vision, we develop precise detail concept in each development run, which we implement promptly for conception. By means of continuous delivery we achieve short feedback cycles. The technologies that we use support us in responding quickly to changed requirements.

The result? In any case relevant and creating benefit.


Web Development

The Word Wide Web has become established over the past few years as the central platform for globally accessible interactive applications. The client-server architecture of the WWW gives access to applications from any browser-enabled end-device without having to forego the advantages of high-performance servers. Free from installations and the elaborate distribution of updates and new releases on the client side, extremely fast advancement cycles become possible. Such a constant improvement of the software renders advantages that also come to bear in company-internal intranet solutions.



Many IT applications have to be embedded in existing IT environments or replace complete legacy systems. The challenge is to implement complex integration scenarios without impairing the running operation of the existing system. Service orientation and slim interfaces in combination with a gradual integration or replacement contribute enormously to minimizing risks and preventing rude awakenings.


Coaching + Workshops

Successful projects result from a close cooperation with our client. A structured knowledge transfer within our projects is a matter of course. Independent of specific projects, we offer clients and cooperation partners the opportunity to profit from our skills and experience - be it by coaching on agile software development and agile project management or workshops on particular technologies.

Operations & Support

As a full-service provider, Zweitag offers all services from one source in the context of professional software development, and also beyond the initial application development.


Operations is more than mere hosting. We rely on an established, scalable server setup for this purpose and thereby enable the secure operation of your application. By way of a permanent monitoring for connectivity, performance and security, we ensure the availability of your application. We support you additionally in embedding external services and in the integration in existing server environments.


A project does not end on the first release. To be able to respond adequately to valuable feedback of end-users, we are also available for you to make functional expansions and adjustments after the going live of your application – because the continuous advancement and acceptance and respectively relevance of a software solution are closely linked to each other.



Securing the availability of your application by an established monitoring concept.



Security of your sensitive application data by automatic and manual security updates as well as regular data backups.



A horizontally scalable server setup allows that grow alongside increasing user numbers.



Continuous monitoring of the performance of critical application components allows the early recognition of problems and swift repair.



Responding quickly to user feedback, the simplicity of implementing functional expansions and adjustments is especially important after the going live of your application.

Agile Software Development

High customer satisfaction and successfully completed projects are the top priorities for us. The agile software development lets us create values continuously in close cooperation with our clients. By delivering executable product increments at regular intervals, we can obtain the client's feedback early on and are flexible to address change requests. Small, dedicated and adaptable teams guarantee high-quality, sustainable products.

Build - Measure - Learn

A pragmatic and iterative procedure with short feedback cycles provides the basis for an efficient project implementation. Quick results lead to the greatest possible asset protection.

An agile course of action has clear advantages compared to traditional approaches.
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